Protecting your Data: a Major Strategic Challenge for Companies

Protecting your Data

Corporate espionage is a reality that any responsible corporate executive can not ignore. The information assets of the company are, in fact, increasingly exposed to internal and external threats. Beyond the purely financial aspect, data breaches have equally damaging indirect impacts, including damage to the company’s reputation, loss of shareholder confidence, loss of intellectual property, or competitive advantages. The consequences can go as far as to cause, bankruptcy or  prosecution. Secure storage of digital data is therefore an essential element of  company survival.

Identifying the Risks of Intrusions

For some companies, data theft has led to their takeover or even their disappearance. Example: a  company whose research and development files are stolen by a hacker and sold to a competitor. Their competitor who has recovered the data can launch a similar product at a much lower price, without having to pass on development costs.

Another risk: Public Wi-Fi Internet connections  are a high risk, allowing hackers access to your private data on your laptop. Most wi-fi access points, in hotels, airports, restaurants, are not secure, and it is very easy for a hacker (or even the legal administrator of WI-FI access provider) to intercept your activity , passwords, emails, visited sites etc …

Protect Sensitive Files

Protecting your computer files against unauthorized access is paramount to your business. Managers and employees are not immune to the theft of sensitive documents such as: customer databases, patents, private photos, financial information, lawyers’ instructions files, reports or confidential projects, industrial plans, price quotes … Flights that can intervene on the trip as well as within the company by unscrupulous staff.


Protect your laptop while traveling

The theft of laptops while traveling, on public transport or at the hotel is a threat that must be taken very seriously. All non encrypted data on computers (Photos, files, emails …), even erased can be recovered by simple data recovery

software. In China, most Wi-Fi connections are monitored and computer hacking is very common around trade fairs.

Another threat: Organized scanning of laptop hard drives, owned by industrialists in major hotels. Thieves can access the entire content of the computer without stealing, or damaging it, and without the owner

ever knowing that his laptop was accessed. In the wrong hands, one can imagine the disastrous consequences that this may entail: leaks in the press of projects of confidential financial information, blackmail, industrial plans or databases of customers sold to competitors, loss of markets, and customers.

The ProtectData Secure Storage Solution

The only solution, to protect a companies most sensitive files and not to compromise years of work, is to use encrypted storage. Our hard drives and USBs have military-grade protection and will in the event of unauthorized attempts to recover your files, either self erase or self-disable, rendering its contents inaccessible and unusable. The use of our USB’s and external hard drives leave no trace on the hard disk of the PC/laptop, all information is stored on the key or hard disk.

Exceptional protection – No back Doors

No digital data recovery lab in the world, or any specialized software, can access the encrypted content of our USB sticks and  hard drives without the ultra-secure password. Recovering files without the correct password is simply not possible, because the key self-reformats after 10 unsuccessful data entry attempts destroying the data forever. That’s why we recommend making a backup on another flash drive or hard drive.